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Eunmi Ko on Cross-Disciplinary Performance

Credit: Eunmi Ko

By Lara Saldanha

A few weeks ago, I experienced one of those special performances that captures your imagination entirely and yanks it in a new direction. Pianist Eunmi Ko performed Morton Feldman’s “Three Dances,” playing and dancing at the same time, followed without break by a set of three from Granados’ “12 Danzas Españolas,” just playing. Ko danced during the rests built into the Feldman, as if reacting to the phrases by sitting and standing, turning her head, moving her legs and feet, peering into and under the piano, and playing percussion and piano simultaneously in the last movement. The performance was entitled “Perspectives,” and it certainly provided a shift of perspective, inviting me to listen visually as well as aurally.

I spoke with Ko about her experience discovering and curating her interdisciplinary performance of Feldman’s “Three Dances.” Continue reading

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