About Us

Greetings, and welcome to Two Cents Sharp! Since this post covers who we are, what we do, and where we came from, we’ll try to be brief.

The genesis of this blog was a day trip taken by a 4-door sedanful of freshly-graduated music students. After stopping ‘round midday for a hearty, delicious, and extremely caloric lunch, we got back in the car and, as young musicians are wont to do, started talking about music. At some point, two in our posse directed the conversation toward a hypothetical music blog they had previously discussed starting. Naturally, everyone else in the car happened to have similar, unrealized ambitions. So we started bouncing things around, and soon we had a set of potential “Top Ten” lists Buzzfeed would be proud of.

Although all equally brilliant in their own right (i.e. “Top Ten Pablo Casals Grunts” *), the first wave of ideas was ultimately very specifically musical or otherwise historical. While that’s all fine and dandy, upon further discussion and whittling down, we realized that, the five of us going different ways post-graduation, what we all had in common, both as musicians and as writers, was that, simply put, we’re all trying to figure out how to do this music thing in the 21st century. And so we decided we wanted to write not simply about music, but also the people who (for better or for worse) decide to make it their lives.

While the website was founded by just a few of us, our intentions are to explore the diversity of experiences and perspectives on and about music today, and so to complement our core team of writers we also plan to regularly feature guest contributors. If you have questions about contributing (or anything, really), feel free to contact us using the form below or shoot us an email at 2centssharp{at}gmail{dot}com. Otherwise, head on over to the blog!

-The Founders of 2¢♯

*It’s about 15 seconds in.

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